University of Nairobi Peer Mentors Club

A significant number of our students are in need of mentorship in order to achieve their potential. There is particularly a need for peer mentorship so that students can learn from the mistakes and achievements of their peers. Currently we do not have an organized peer mentorship program at University of Nairobi entirely. In order to fill this gap, we started the University of Nairobi Students Peer Mentors Speakers Club (referred to here after as UoN-PMC) in April 2015.  One of the objectives of the club is to help first year students successfully transit to university life and follow up on their stay and progress in campus sticking them to their ambitions. The ultimate goal of the club is to change young people profoundly on an emotional and/or mental level and to help them make some kind of professional or personal changes in their life and within themselves. Peer Mentor Club is established for the expressed purpose of serving students by offering access to peer mentor services with the hope of improving academic performance of individual students, university retention rates, and the university’s overall atmosphere. 


Current officials of UoN-PMC


Constitution of the UoN-PMC

Activities of UoN-PMC

Image galley of round one mentorship program